Thursday, 15 April 2010

Exchange Server 2010 Faxes: How I receive faxes in my Lab environment

It's sure been a while since we've written anything new here. We must say we've been kept busy on other projects.

Today, we thought we'd take a look at Exchange Server 2010. Surely enough, a lot of experts have said it all with this product; however, we thought we'd look into a subject everyone wants but not many have spoken about it: Faxing within Exchange Server 2010.

We must mention that Exchange Server 2010 is not a fax gateway, nor can it send any faxes. One has numerous solutions available to do that: from the good old fax machine by the printer room to some of today's network faxes....

Although its predecessor (Exchange Server 2007) was able to receive faxes directly from the Media gateway, Exchange Server 2010 cannot receives faxes as per but "understands" the fax tone and then pass on the call to an external partner to do the "dirty work"

In the articles that follow, we will show you how we can receive faxes within our Lab environment using Exchange Server 2010 and have the fax message delivered directly to the "intended user" by Exchange Server.

Thanks again for tuning in and have a wonderful one!

Claude Tambu.

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RedhatV said...

lol, found this while looking for the exact setup you've described. Kind of hanging for the the remaining posts to try and get this setup in our env. without a huge dev process.

Thanks for putting this up